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Canal Festival

Heritage fans and famiies are invited to a fun fundraiser in aid of Driffield Canal at North Frodingham Landing on Saturday and Sunday, July
14 and 15.
Driffield Navigation Amenities Association, supported by Driffield Navigation Trust, is organising the two-day Canal Festival. It follows the hugely successful Driffield Navigation Gala weekend to mark the 250th anniversary of the historic waterway last year.

Visitors to the festival will be able to enjoy boat trips, a duck race, jazz band, pub night with live entertainment, bar and barbecue, and other waterway attractions. One of the highlights will be cruises along the canal in the specialist all-weather trip boats Lady Jayne and Driffield Navigator, which are based at the landing. Members of the DNAA and DNT hope as many people as possible will support the event to help them restore the canal and save it for future generations.

Canal spokesman David Taylor said: "There is a major drive to get the canal fully navigable again but we do need public support to help us achieve our aims. We want everybody to get involved by supporting the fundraiser, and at the same time have some fun. Boat owners are also invited to sail to the landing and tie-up for the weekend."

The festival is open from 11am on both Saturday and Sunday. Food and drink, including a bar, will be served on both days. The pub night starts at 7pm until midnight in the festival marquee on the Saturday.

Tickets are on sale at only £1 each for the duck race, with a total of £150 cash prizes for the winners, and will be staged along the waterway at Frodingham Landing at 3pm on the Sunday. Tickets are available from Mike Artley on 07860 146455.



About Driffield Navigation Trust

The purpose of our organisation

The DNT is a non-profit making organisation which is a registered charity (charity number 503430).

Chairman Mr John Scholey, Vice-Chairman Mr Michael Artley, Secretary Ms Gina Simpson, Press Officer Mr David Taylor and Treasurer Mr Peter Markham.

Registered Office: 10 Macintosh Drive, Ashwood Gardens, Driffield YO25 5PH.

It is responsible for the Driffield Navigation which is the waterway extending from the market town of Driffield along the Driffield Canal and then the River Hull southwards as far as Aike. The total length of the waterway classed as the Driffield Navigation is 11 miles (18 km). West Beck and Frodingham Beck are associated with this system.

The DNT welcomes donations and legacies.

Assisted by the Driffield Navigation Amenities Association (DNAA) it looks after the maintenance and administration of the Driffield Navigation for commercial, leisure,and recreational purposes. In addition to this environmental, conservation and heritage matters receive attention. Such work benefits children, young people and the public in general.

It is important that this work is properly funded. Boat owners are asked to ensure that they pay their annual boat fee of £50.00P (all except small craft such as canoes and kayaks). Boat clubs are asked to pay a reasonable donation in lieu of individual annual fees on behalf of their members. Small boat users are asked to pay an annual donation of their choosing as a goodwill gesture.

All payments should be sent to the DNT Treasurer, Mr Peter Markham at the DNT registered office (address above).



Enjoy a Boat Trip

Experience beautiful countryside and amazing wildlife, not normally seen from public roads. Boat trips are being run on the Navigation using the trip boat Lady Jayne and the trip boat Driffield Navigator.

The trips are ideal for those who want to learn more about the historic waterway, bird and wildlife watchers, or a group or family celebration with a picnic and bottle of champagne.

The Lady Jayne

Each craft has protection for passengers and crew against inclement weather. They are based at and operate from Frodingham Landing, which is on Frodingham Beck, close to the B1249 Frodingham Bridge. Lady Jayne can take up to 15 passengers and Driffield Navigator a maximum of 10 passengers.

The cost per boat is £60 per hour.  The cost per passenger obviously varies according to the number of passengers. Contact 01262 488599/07770937772 or 01377 270508.

The Driffield Navigator


The bridge at Wansford

Wansford Bridge

At present the use of the Navigation for its full length by boat traffic other than canoes and kayaks is impeded by a low fixed bridge across the canal at Wansford. This bridge carries the road that connects Wansford and Skerne.

The original bridge had been a swing bridge. This was replaced in 1967 with the present bridge by the then East Riding County Council, when the original bridge had fallen into disrepair. At the time the commercial traffic had ceased using the canal and the idea of the Navigation being used by recreational boat traffic had not taken root.

It is most imortant that the fixed bridge at Wansford be replaced with a swing bridge so as to allow the movement of boats for the full length of the Navigation all the way to the market town of Driffield. The potential economic benefits to Driffield and the surrounding area could be substantial. Driffield has the potential to become an inland tourist destination with the development of Riverhead.



The Driffield Navigation

May we always remember our ancesters,
From all walks of life, hardworking and clever.
So behold and this venture admire,
Let its example all inspire.
A worthy monument to human endeavour,
This link with the past may we never sever.

This project should serve as a noble seal,
To the embodiment of a dream and the epitome of zeal.
A combination of imagination, enterprise, skill, sweat and toil.
A fitting way to remember those who had vision,
And those who dug the soil.
What they achievedmay all respect and no one spoil!

A poem by David Credland


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